Investment Philosophy

Omaha Advisors believes that tactical portfolio management and strategy diversification will give investors the greatest opportunity to realize compounded interest over time. The goal is to maintain a stable portfolio by adapting the portfolio holdings to benefit from any market environment. Our investment philosophy hinges on capturing as much upside opportunity as possible while avoiding large drawdowns given specific risk objectives. Large drawdowns during retirement can have catastrophic consequences on the portfolio’s ability to generate needed income to support living expenses.

We spend significant time educating clients on risk management and risk mitigation. Therefore our investment philosophy is tailored to embrace the following concepts:

  • Risk Management—Avoiding large drawdowns and risk mitigation are key principles to a successful retirement plan.
  • Tactical Money Management—Instead of implementing a buy and hold strategy we prefer to use money managers that have the freedom to seek opportunities wherever they may exist and make moves to reduce risks by going to cash in an attempt to preserve capital.
  • Strategy Diversification—Strategy diversification is a next-level risk measure designed to diversify over actively managed strategies that have their own unique set of rules. The goal is to take advantage of compounding returns through the shifting of equities, fixed income, correlated and volatility strategies in order to mirror the current market environment.
  • Tax Efficient Investing—Placing tax‐efficient investments in non‐qualified accounts and tax‐ inefficient investments in qualified or tax‐deferred accounts maximizes total return and minimizes taxes.

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